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The technology articles cover some of the main areas of web site development.

Click on the topic of interest; we hope you find the answers to your questions!


Classic ASP is a scripting language to allow a website to leverage the functionality provided by Windows (db access, emailing, system functions). More...


A relatively new, powerful server-side technology for creating dynamic web pages. The code is more structured than classic ASP with the intention of compilation for greater execution speed. The aim with coding in ASP.NET is to separate the coding into different layers, keeping the presentation of the code separate from the code performing the event actions. In this way the presentation files can often be changed without reworking the main functions. with luck the code is also more readable.  More...


DotNetNuke is an open source content management system. DotNetNuke can be used for websites, intranets and extranets. Included with DotNetNuke are many built-in tools providing features which would otherwise have to be sourced. DotNetNuke may be readily extended both by templates/skins and my modules performing, sometimes quite complex, features. More...


HTML is used to construct web pages.  Using HTML we are able to define the structure and content of the page.  If you look at the source of a web page you will find that it is much larger than what is presented in the browser.  The additional content is all related to displaying the content of the web page, providing details about the font style and colour to be used, background colours, images and the flow of the content. More...


JavaScript provides us with a means to turn the static HTML web sites into active ones. We can change images, move menus and much more. JavaScript is an interpreted language, each line of code is acted on in sequence on-the-fly. More...

Web Robots

Robots or Spiders are used to visit web sites to discover and analyse the content. Dependent upon the owning website the content discovered may be either indexed for use by search engines or for gathering e-mail addresses. More...


Linux: primarily Debian, together with Wordpress and Joomla More...

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