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ASP Articles

Converting to and from ASCII

Given an ASCII value we may wish to convert it to its corresponding character, or indeed back ...

List of Request.ServerVariables

As a part of the communication between the client browser and the IIS server which results in ...

Extending the If Statement with Elseif

In its simple form the If statement is rather limiting, enabling us to perform one of two ...

If Then ... Else ... End if

The if then ... else ... end if statement is one of the core statements used in ASP.

Migrating CDONTS e-mail to Windows 2003 Server

The implementation of the CDONTs e-mail method used in asp has changed in Windows 2003 server.

Removing Punctuation Marks From a String

A function to remove the punctuation marks from a string.

Stripping HTML Tags From a String

A short function which may be used to strip HTML tags from a string.

Urlencoding a Querystring

When adding database derived information to a querystring, there is always the possibility of ...

Error Handling

After everything else is done with your new piece of asp code, what about errors?

Dynamically Adjusting HTML RGB Colours

In this article I shall be presenting a method of changing the RGB colours used in HTML.
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